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94% au raportat

Raspunde la voturi Pct. Castigator Castigator Nu Nu 7.470.245 62,6% Da Da 4.467.012 37,4% Total raportat Total raportat 11.937.257

Cand vom cunoaste rezultatele alegerilor?

Judetele au 30 de zile dupa alegeri pentru a finaliza panza oficiala. Rezultatele complete nu vor fi disponibile imediat dupa inchiderea urnelor. Conform unei extinderi a regulilor de vot pandemice, buletinele de vot prin corespondenta au fost trimise in urma cu saptamani catre toti cei 22 de milioane de alegatori din California, iar lucratorii electorali i-au pregatit pentru a fi socotiti in timp ce alegatorii le returneaza. Dar multi alegatori intentioneaza sa isi voteze personal si vor astepta voturile provizorii si cele care nu vor fi expediate pana la data limita pentru alegerile din 14 septembrie.

Ce se intampla cand au loc toate buletinele de vot?

The California secretary of state will certify the election results on the 38th day after the election. If a majority votes no on the recall, Gavin Newsom will remain governor. If a majority votes yes, the challenger with the most votes will be sworn in upon the election’s certification.

Will we have any idea of the vote beforehand?

Probably. Vote tracking software allows data analysts to keep a running tally of ballot returns by party, and polls have indicated most voters will vote their party line. Some 8.7 million completed and signed ballots were in hand before Sept. 14. Nearly 52 percent were from Democrats, nearly 26 percent were from Republicans and nearly 23 percent were from voters who belong to another party or declined to state a preference.

If Governor Newsom is recalled, how long will the new governor be in office?

The new governor, if one is elected, would take the oath of office as soon as the vote was certified and would assume the position for the remainder of the term, which runs through January 2, 2023. California has a regularly scheduled election for governor next year.

Why isn’t California’s lieutenant governor automatically made governor after a recall?

In some states, such as Oregon and Michigan, if a governor is recalled by voters, the secretary of state or lieutenant governor automatically gets the job. But California law states that voters must choose who replaces the governor in an election. Of the 19 states that allow recalls of state officials, most leave the choice of replacement in the hands of voters.

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94% reported

Candidate Party Pct. Elder Larry Elder Republican Rep. 3,216,686 47.9% Paffrath Kevin Paffrath Democrat Dem. 657,872 9.8% Faulconer Kevin Faulconer Republican Rep. 553,419 8.2% Ross Brandon Ross Democrat Dem. 363,389 5.4% Cox John Cox Republican Rep. 281,129 4.2% Kiley Kevin Kiley Republican Rep. 223,194 3.3% McGowan Jacqueline McGowan Democrat Dem. 196,733 2.9% Ventresca Joel Ventresca Democrat Dem. 173,984 2.6% Watts Daniel Watts Democrat Dem. 154,829 2.3% Baade Holly Baade Democrat Dem. 85,971 1.3% Kilpatrick Patrick Kilpatrick Democrat Dem. 80,041 1.2% Perez-Serrato Armando Perez-Serrato Democrat Dem. 77,387 1.2% Jenner Caitlyn Jenner Republican Rep. 69,355 1.0% Drake John Drake Democrat Dem. 62,909 0.9% Kapelovitz Dan Kapelovitz Green Green 59,413 0.9% Hewitt Jeff Hewitt Libertarian Lib. 46,208 0.7% Gaines Ted Gaines Republican Rep. 42,679 0.6% Angelyne Angelyne Independent Ind.

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33,398 0.5% Moore David Moore Independent Ind. 28,489 0.4% Trimino Anthony Trimino Republican Rep. 24,956 0.4% Loebs Michael Loebs Independent Ind. 23,585 0.4% Ose Doug Ose Republican Rep. 23,432 0.3% Collins Heather Collins Green Green 22,189 0.3% Singh Major Singh Independent Ind. 19,782 0.3% Lozano David Lozano Republican Rep. 18,466 0.3% Stoner Denver Stoner Republican Rep. 18,053 0.3% Gallucci Sam Gallucci Republican Rep. 16,279 0.2% Lodge Steve Lodge Republican Rep. 16,060 0.2% Le Roux Jenny Rae Le Roux Republican Rep. 14,378 0.2% Bramante David Bramante Republican Rep. 10,626 0.2% Martinez Diego Martinez Republican Rep. 9,998 0.1% Stephens Sarah Stephens Republican Rep. 9,789 0.1% Richter Dennis Richter Independent Ind. 9,564 0.1% Newman Robert Newman Republican Rep. 9,437 0.1% Lucey Denis Lucey Independent Ind. 7,462 0.1% Hanink James Hanink Independent Ind. 6,621 0.1% Mercuri Daniel Mercuri Republican Rep. 6,615 0.1% Killens Chauncey Killens Republican Rep. 6,193 0.1% Zacky Leo Zacky Republican Rep. 5,530 0.1% Kaul Kevin Kaul Independent Ind. 5,040 0.1% Hillberg David Hillberg Republican Rep. 4,150 0.1% Papagan Adam Papagan Independent Ind. 3,682 0.1% Furin Rhonda Furin Republican Rep. 3,655 0.1% Wildstar Nickolas Wildstar Republican Rep. 3,439 0.1% Marciniak Jeremy Marciniak Independent Ind. 2,667 <0.1% Symmon Joe Symmon Republican Rep. 2,237 <0.1% Total reported Total reported 6,710,970 View all candidates Collapse candidates

Jennifer Medina, Reporting from Los Angeles Sept. 15, 2021

The results map largely mirrors 2020 — counties that went for President Biden last fall stuck with Newsom. And so far (there are millions more votes to be counted), Newsom appears to be doing about as well or even slightly better than he did when elected governor in 2018.

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