DSI Andy Cribbin, care a condus ancheta cu privire la asasinarea asistentului didactic Lindsay Birbeck in 2019, a povestit, de asemenea, modul in care criminalul Rocky Marciano Price, acum in varsta de 18 ani, a incercat sa-si vada piciorul victimei de pe post-mortem.

Motivul atacului intamplator asupra mamei a doi copii, in varsta de 47 de ani, nu a fost niciodata dezvaluit, iar criminalul nu a cunoscut victima.

Lindsay era in plimbare in Accrington, Lancashire, in august 2019, cand a fost ucisa. Cadavrul ei a fost gasit 12 zile mai tarziu intr-un colt linistit al unui cimitir local.

Rocky Marciano Price (in imagine) a ucis asistenta didactica Lindsay Birbeck in 2019. El face obiectul unui nou documentar 

A urmat o investigatie minutioasa, in timp ce politistii cautau indicii pentru a-l identifica pe criminalul lui Lindsay, inainte ca filmarile CCTV sa-l surprinda pe Price la vedere, mutand corpul lui Lindsay intr-un cos de rulouri.

„Corpul lui Lindsay fusese gol, dar fusese infasurat in niste foi de plastic.


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„Intre corpul lui Lindsay si cearsafurile de plastic era frunzis”, a explicat DSI Cribbin in noul documentar Britain’s Deadliest Kids on Discovery +.

„Era o iarba prezenta in cearsaf care nu se afla de fapt in zona cimitirului.

„Asta ne-a aratat ca trupul fusese transportat din alta parte. ‘ 

Lindsay was on walk in Accrington, Lancashire, in August 2019 when she was killed. Her body was found 12 days later in a quiet corner of a local graveyard.

‘A number of people had noticed a wheelie bin in the crematory, which was unusual.

‘It had been seen in the area where Lindsay’s body had been recovered,’ he added.

Officers reviewing CCTV soon made a chilling discovery, which had the investigation team in disbelief.

‘One of the officers reviewing the CCTV from the area of Burley Road finds that we’ve got CCTV images of a young male pulling a wheelie bin.

‘Suddenly we’ve got a suspect now,’ the detective added.

That male was local 16-year-old Rocky Marciano Price, who was surrendered to police by his parents after the CCTV footage was made public, and after a second woman had come forward claiming to have been stalked by the male in the video footage on the same day that Lindsay had disappeared. lkazka.com.ua

DSI Andy Cribbin (pictured) led the investigation into the murder of teaching assistant Lindsay Birbeck 

‘The name Price had been mentioned a number of times,’ DSI Cribbin added.

‘To my surprise, I got a call to say there was a couple who had brought their son into the front desk at Green Bank Police Station because he was the male on the CCTV. ‘

Price had an IQ of just 65, putting him in the category of extremely low intelligence, but he had no criminal history.

For DSI Cribbin, it was a shocking twist in the tale to find that the main suspect was a 16-year-old boy who had been captured moving a body in daylight.

The injuries that Lindsay had sustained were catastrophic.

‘What the pathologist was able to give was a cause of death, which was compression of the neck, which was as a result of some sort of significant force or blunt trauma being applied to Lindsay’s neck,’ he added.

‘That could have been by a kick, a stamp or by use of another object, and she couldn’t rule out that Lindsay had possibly been strangled as well.